Health Marketing News Roundup, May 2019

may 2019 health marketing news headlines

Let’s take a look at some of the latest marketing news in circulation …

1. Health Habits of Female Millennials, from the American Marketing Association

The millennial generation is an excellent illustration of the changes going on in U.S. demographics. Research shows that millennial women have different health behaviors and attitudes compared to previous generations. Some of these differences include greater interest in healthy eating, increased concerns with anxiety and other mental health issues, and trusting word-of-mouth over professional opinions.

2. 70% of Patients Call Online Reviews Crucial in Selecting Healthcare Providers, in HealthLeaders Media

Americans are increasingly likely to get information about health providers, including primary-care providers and dentists, from online reviews. A survey by PatientPop shows that nearly 70% of respondents consider a positive online reputation to be very or extremely important when choosing a healthcare provider. Providers can leverage online reviews in their marketing by promptly, professionally, and directly reaching out to patients who leave negative reviews to address their concerns.

3. Health Care Providers Can Learn from Personal Care Product Marketing, in Fortune

Health providers continue to find it challenging to change patient behaviors. Many patients don’t follow diet or exercise recommendations, or take their medications as doctors prescribe. Kathy Fish, head of R&D at Procter and Gamble, suggests that providers and other health and medical stakeholders emphasize short-term gains rather than lifelong benefits. Health leaders can also leverage technology and focus on storytelling.

health and personal care marketing

4. Amanda Daley on how doctors are learning about medical cannabis, in MM&M

Doctors and other health providers across North America are becoming more open to the use of medical marijuana products. Amanda Daley, VP of medical sales and education for the cannabis and hemp company Canopy Growth, points out the numerous ways that the company has attempted to change attitudes. Evidence-based education, with key opinion leaders, as well as simplified information about a complex topic, can be influential. Patient stories combined with clinical research also gives personal meaning to the issue.

5. ‘Meet PillPack’: Amazon rolls out Rx delivery direct marketing, in HealthcareDive

Amazon recently launched its marketing of PillPack’s prescription drug delivery to Amazon Prime members. The ecommerce giant’s marketing tactics included email and a separate webpage for the service. As health and retail leaders prepare for Amazon’s entry into the healthcare market, this move provides a glimpse into the company’s strategy and future possibilities.

6. 10 Things Every Digital Marketer Needs to Know about Web Accessibility, from the American Marketing Association

Many marketing leaders are concerned about audience reach, engagement, and search engine optimization (SEO). However, content accessibility is an important part of online marketing that is usually given a lower priority. Lack of accessibility will cause many users to abandon a website, while users with disabilities are more likely to spend money with companies that provider greater accessibility in their content. Companies that fail to address accessibility issues could become the target of federal fines or even consumer lawsuits.

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