Where NOT to find freelance writers (and where to look instead)

If your marketing team has too much work and too few people, it may be best to work with a freelance writer (or independent contractor) to help you keep up.

freelance writers help when your marketing team is too busy

But how do you find the right freelance writer? Let’s start with places to avoid:

1. Craigslist, Indeed, and other popular job boards

These options are appealing because they let organizations post jobs for relatively low cost and to an enormous pool of potential freelancers.

However, you may have to sift through a lot of respondents for hidden gems. Most freelancers who use job boards are relatively new in their careers, and so less experienced.

2. Freelance platforms, such as UpWork and Fiverr

Like general job boards, these sites appeal because you can post opportunities or run a search for the type of freelancer you want. For a low price, you can get in touch with many potential writers.

Some drawbacks are also the same: more offers to look through. Although many freelancers on these platforms are experienced and high-quality, more are newer and less knowledgeable. Some platforms also require you to communicate with and pay freelancers through them, limiting flexibility and convenience.

3. Content platforms, such as Textbroker, Writer Access, and Verblio (formerly known as BlogMutt)

These content agencies and marketplaces promise regular content marketing for organizations that might otherwise lack a content marketing team or strategy. They claim to match clients with the best writers for their needs, removing the burden of vetting freelance writers.

Unfortunately, the drawbacks are similar to #1 and #2: Less experienced freelance writers who may be desperate for an assignment, and required use of the website’s specific platform. Because the writer is often working under the company’s name, you may not even know the writer you’re working with. Many of these sites also take advantage of inexperienced writers with rock-bottom rates and arbitrary editing rules.

So where do you find quality freelance writers? Here are some of the best spots:

1. Client referrals

To find a professional freelance writer, ask other professionals! Colleagues in the same industry can offer recommendations for a writer who is knowledgeable about the subject matter. Professionals in other industries may recommend a writer experienced with specific types of writing, such as a white paper or press release.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a great resource for finding a freelance writer. Perform specific keyword searches, such as “content strategist” or “medical writer.” Post questions or requests for a recommended writer. Check out some of the numerous freelance writer groups.

Because it was created specifically for professionals, LinkedIn makes it more likely that you’ll find seasoned, professional freelancers who are knowledgeable and committed.

3. Professional networks and events

If you’re not on a time crunch to find your freelancer, networking events and other professional meetings could be great resources. Whether you’re attending a large industry conference or a casual local Meetup, these are places to meet experienced, dedicated freelancers.

Even if you don’t meet writers themselves at these events, you can meet others who might have recommendations. Plus, you’ll be expanding your own professional network at the same time!

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