5 Essential Features for Your Company Blog

Relevant, in-depth content can help a business stand out and gain the trust of potential customers. Consistent, custom blog posts can help companies get closer to their goals.

Data show that marketers that use blogs get 67 percent more leads than marketers who lack a blog. The majority of U.S. online consumers trust information from blogs.

But what does a company blog need to be successful? Here are 5 vital features.

how to write a good company blog

1. Compelling Headline

The headline should not only tell you what the blog post is about. It should also grab a reader’s attention and tempt them to read the post.

Avoid excessively clever wordplay or cryptic phrasing that may confuse a reader. Use simple, straightforward language that promises to answer a reader’s questions and address their needs.

2. Include Visuals

People tend to process visual information faster than written information, so images can help your blog post deliver a bigger impact.

Add graphs to supplement data, or use an infographic as another way to get information across. Simpler images can help break up the text and make the post more visually appealing.

strong visuals can help company blog posts

3. Content Depth

Consumers see blogs as a source of valuable information, so that information should dig beneath the surface of a topic.

Data show that longer (above 1,000 words) blog posts and articles tend to get more shares. If you can’t create longer content, or you worry that people won’t read a lengthy post, break it up into several, smaller posts.

4. Collecting Contact Info

Blogs can help increase sales leads, but only if you know how to get in touch with those leads. Make sure your blog has a way to collect email addresses or other contact information, such as a form to sign up for email updates.

good company blogs collect contact information

5. Call to Action

Your blog should encourage readers to take the next step, so be sure to include a clear call to action at the end that prompts them to call your organization, share the post, or leave a comment. This can increase engagement and help you keep in touch with your leads.

Avoid asking readers to make a purchase, as this can threaten the trust that your blog is meant to build up. Avoid having too many calls to action on a page, as this can be distracting and off-putting.

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