How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy, Part Five: Budget and Other Resources

As you’ve developed your content marketing strategy, you’ve worked on some key steps:

  1. Understanding what makes your company unique
  2. Setting goals for the marketing content
  3. Understanding the content audience
  4. Deciding the type of content to create

By now, you’re probably ready to start creating that content, but there’s a little more to it first. Before you start creating content, you should first determine your content marketing budget.

tips for marketing on a tight budget

This isn’t just about finances–you should also consider your available resources in time and staff. The amount of money, time, and staff you have to spend on content will have a significant impact on your content calendar (we’ll get into that later) and the rest of your content marketing strategy.

Collaborate with your marketing team, the finance department, and other decision-makers to determine your marketing budget. Here are a few things to consider:

  • What are your operating costs?
  • How much growth are you aiming for? More ambitious goals will require more spending and larger budgets.
  • Think of marketing as an investment, rather than a cost.
  • Are you looking for steady growth or faster, short-term gains?
  • Will you have regular, monthly expenses or larger, one-time marketing projects?

Then, look at your staff and time availability. Who will be responsible for creating, posting, or sharing the content? How much time will they need each week or day?

If you have a limited marketing team that is already stretched thin, don’t commit to a lot of time-sensitive regular content, such as weekly blog posts. 

If you have a flexible budget but limited time, you might collaborate with an outside writer or content marketer.

If you have a tight budget, you might leverage lower-cost strategies that still deliver results, such as email campaigns or customer reviews.

Getting a full picture of your budget and other resources available to you will help you better strategize your content marketing so you can reach your goals faster.

consider your source of web traffic when planning content marketing

Don’t have the time or staff for all the content you want to produce? That’s what I’m here for!

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