5 Tricks to Instantly Improve Your Writing

Good writing takes practice, but sometimes there’s just not enough time. These tricks will help make you a stronger, more effective writer–faster!

these 5 writing tips will help improve your communication


1. Think of your reader first.

When you write anything, you need to have your audience in mind from beginning to end. The content and style of your writing should be all about them, such as what they want to know and what problems they have that your writing can help solve. Start with this in mind, and you’ll be ahead of the game.

2. Permission to fail.

… in your first draft, that is. Writer’s block and procrastination often happens because we feel pressured to be perfect from the get-go. Guess what: no one has to see your terrible first draft! Do everything wrong in your first draft–just as long as you make corrections!

3. Use simple words.

Many writers make the mistake of using long, “fancy” words to try to sound more intelligent or official. In reality, it just makes your writing unclear and confusing. So stop wasting time trying to find the “perfect” word and stick to basic, straightforward language that conveys the same idea.

4. Use fewer words.

Readers today are short on time, so be as concise as possible. Cut out all unnecessary words and sentences. Try challenging yourself with a word count limit, and see if you can communicate the same information with 10-50% fewer words.

5. Read your writing out loud.

This is a simple trick, but highly effective in helping you pick the right words and sentence structure. If something sounds unclear or clunky to you, your audience will probably agree. You can read your writing out loud to just yourself, but a second pair of ears can also be helpful.

Whether you’re writing a company blog post, a private email, or an Amazon review, try out these tips. You’ll be amazed at how much your writing improves!

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