Are You Still Making This One Blogging Mistake?

don't make this one blogging mistake with your company blog


Is your company blog not getting the results you want?

It’s important to use your blog the right way. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t.

In business blogging, you discuss subject matters related to your industry so you can improve your online visibility and position yourself as a trusted knowledge source.

Blogs accomplish this by providing valuable, accurate, thoughtful information that your audience is looking for, and that helps them answer a question or solve a problem.


business blogs help answer audience questions


Many companies make one big mistake with their blog: using it as another place to advertise. 

Instead of answering reader questions, company blogs often become a place for press releases and boasting about their accomplishments.

Don’t get me wrong: you should definitely be sharing that kind of news. But that’s not why people visit your blog. They want information that will help them somehow.

Make your blog effective by writing posts that:

  • Discuss new developments in your industry
  • Address common concerns among your customers
  • Answer frequent or obvious questions in your industry

There is a time and a place for making announcements and sharing your accomplishments. But the company blog is not always the place for information that is better suited for press releases, white papers, or case studies.

By using your blog to demonstrate knowledge of your industry in a helpful way, you can build trust among your audience, leading to new conversions and lead generation, as well as better online traffic.

Need help with your company blog or other content?

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