Which Skills Will Help You Slay Your Marketing Goals?

What makes a marketing leader successful? If you ask twelve different people, you probably get twelve different answers.

But most of them will probably reference a specific skill, or set of skills.

marketing professionals need to have a particular set of skills

Settle down, Liam Neeson in Taken.

We’re not talking about those types of skills.

A great marketing leader probably needs to be … the opposite of that. Although his monologue is pretty badass and memorable, so maybe I should reconsider that statement.

But I digress.

I highly recommend you check out a recent article by Julia McCoy at Search Engine Journal, “The 11 Most Important Hard & Soft Skills Marketers Need to Have.”

Here’s a quick rundown of the article, if you’re short on time:

You need both hard and soft skills in marketing

Marketing success calls for a good balance of hard and soft skills. Hard skills are more technical and knowledge-based. They include a solid understanding of SEO and the best types of content for your organization and goals. (These two things often go together.)

Hard skills also include email marketing, and knowing how to effectively target your audiences and use email series. You should also understand conversion, or how to get your leads to take action, McCoy says. Understanding AI and machine learning can also help save you time so you can focus more on soft skills.

And what about those soft skills? These are more personality-based skills, and include things like creativity and curiosity. Persuasion, of course, is an important soft skill for marketers, as is juggling and triaging different tasks at once. Learning and flexibility round out the list.

Which skills are your weak spots? Carve out some time to work on those to help you stay competitive.

Find the original SEJ article here.

Need help with some of those skills? Don’t quite have time to develop them all?

That’s what I’m here for! I help healthcare organizations and marketing professionals strategize and write great marketing content and copywriting that increases traffic, leads, and revenue.

Check out my content marketing ebook, “Essential Tips for a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy.” After that, feel free to connect on LinkedIn or email me as well!

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