The Critical Skill You Need to Succeed in Content Marketing and SEO

So you want to create a winning marketing strategy. You want to crush the SEO game and create marketing content that wins hearts and minds.

But when you look for tips and tricks to do so, you get overwhelmed with options.

Should you focus on building reliable links in and out of your website? Perform in-depth keyword research to understand exactly what is bringing searchers to your website? Launch a blog or shell out for a sparkly new video for your homepage or social media profile?

There’s no easy answer, as you’ve seen by now.

But there is one skill or quality that your organization needs before it can achieve any measurable success in content marketing and SEO.

What skill is that?

It’s the ability to think long-term.

A.K.A., patience. Tenacity. Stick-to-it-iveness.

Content marketing is a long-term strategy. Even a great content marketing strategy can take 12-18 months to show results, according to Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute. You need time to build trust with your audience.

While some SEO agencies or marketing professionals may promise quick results, these tricks don’t usually have staying power. Improving your SEO takes time and effort. Many SEO experts say that it can take at least 4-6 months to start seeing results.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respond to changes in your company or industry, or correct mistakes in your marketing strategy. Making adjustments as needed is completely sensible; scrapping the whole thing because you get impatient is not!

If you’re looking to generate revenue and improve your marketing quickly, it’s tempting to panic and make hasty decisions. You can be forgiven for wanting to throw money at an issue and want immediate results.

But if you want your marketing strategy to be successful for a long time, understand that it may take a long time to get there first.

Need a little help with your marketing content and strategy?

That’s what I’m here for! I help established organizations and marketing professionals strategize and write great content, from case studies to email campaigns, that sets the stage for increased traffic, leads, and sales conversions.

Got a project in mind? Tell me about it and get a free quote!

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