Marketing on a Budget, Improving SEO with Content Marketing, and Other Healthcare Marketing News

healthcare marketing news roundup

There’s a ton of great marketing advice out there for healthcare organizations and medical companies, but it can be difficult to sort through the noise to find the good stuff. Here’s a roundup of some of that most recent “good stuff.” Skim it here, or click the links for the full source.

Marketing your medical practice on a budget (Medical Economics Journal)

Medical practice leaders and staff are busy and stressed, and between regulatory requirements and patient needs, practice marketing can be overlooked easily. However, now is a critical time for health practices to maintain relationships with existing patients, draw new patients, and act as a helpful resource. Here’s how to do that without breaking the bank:

  • Use search advertising (sponsored search results) that appear at the top of search engine results, which use a pay-per-click model with cost depending on the keywords you use. These ads are highly visible, effective, and easily changed if necessary.
  • Keep your practice website updated, and make sure visitors know exactly what they can expect when they enter the office.
  • Use text-message marketing for health reminders, appointment confirmations, providing health advice, and letting recipients know about new services. Make sure to use a secure texting option that complies with HIPAA and other medical information laws.
  • Use social media, and stick to it, regularly posting a few times a week.

social media can help medical practice marketing

How to boost SEO through content marketing (CoFounder Magazine online)

Content marketing is a valuable part of search engine optimization (SEO), but you have to do it right. Here’s how:

  • Make sure you understand exactly what your customers are searching for, want to see, and enjoy most about your website and existing content. Identify metrics such as average time on page, bounce rate, and conversions to help with this knowledge.
  • Create content that is actually useful, entertaining, and unique.
  • Revisit old content, such as old blog posts, and update and relaunch them with fresh information.
  • Create a content distribution strategy to increase traffic to your content.

What is the post-COVID future of telehealth? (Medical Marketing & Media)

Telehealth adoption and use skyrocketed in the early days of the COVID-19 shutdowns, then leveled off as provider offices reopened to more onsite visitors. While some patients prefer remote care access, many more prefer to visit their providers in person. This has led to uncertainty for how telehealth will be used in the future. This also means that marketers are not yet sure how to promote these services, and how much companies will need to adapt and invest in telehealth solutions.

search engine features you should use

Which SERP features are best for your SEO? (MarTech Series)

According to Jon Zacharias, digital marketing expert and co-founder of GR0, there are a few features of search engine results pages (SERP) that are underused for SEO. These include:

  • Google’s My Business Profile, which helps local business appear at the top of SERPs for local searches, and can also encourage engagement through reviews and the building of relevant backlinks
  • Google’s Shopping Results, where business users can properly tag products so they appear in the Shopping Results feature at the top of Google SERPs when users search for specific items

There are a few other SERP features that organizations can use. Check out the full article here.

Looking to implement some of these ideas?

That’s what I’m here for! If you’re struggling with your content marketing strategy or looking to boost the SEO of your content and copywriting, let’s talk. I help healthcare organizations and medical marketing professionals develop quality content that increases traffic, leads, and revenue. Shoot me an email to schedule a FREE 30-minute discussion.

Check out my content marketing ebook, “Essential Tips for a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy.” After that, feel free to connect on LinkedIn, as well!

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