Here’s why you need better writing skills in business (and how to get them)

Writing isn’t for everyone. Many people love it, even if they don’t do it for a living, while other people hate it. (Whenever I tell someone I’m a writer, I never know which response I’m going to get.)

But if you’re a business leader, and especially a sales or marketing professional, writing is an important skill to develop.

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No, you don’t have to become the next Charles Dickens, but taking steps to improve your writing will only benefit your profits and your reputation.

How so, you ask?

  • Save time: When your writing is effective and correct, you don’t have to spend time clarifying, repeating, or—heaven forbid!—rewriting what you said.
  • Better new hires: Looking for your next great employee? Create a job posting that clearly and accurately conveys the job’s duties, what you’re looking for in a candidate, how he or she can apply, and what a candidate can expect in the role, company, and hiring process.
  • Smoother hiring and training process: Well-written documents, like employee contracts and handbooks, help employees understand your company and their role within it. Proper training materials help new hires start out well, and reduce turnover.
  • Less confusion: If your emails and other internal communications are clear and precise, you can reduce employee confusion and frustration, so they’re more likely to respond positively.
  • Better business deals: Looking for partners, clients, or funding? Whether you’re writing a simple email or a complex proposal, good writing can help close the deal.
  • Higher profits: Besides the improved business deals already mentioned, better written communication can make your business more appealing to potential and current customers. If you have effective written sales and marketing materials, this attracts more customers that bring in more revenue.
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So how do you improve your writing?

  • Read a lot. In his book On Writing, horror author Stephen King tells aspiring writers to read anything and everything they can. As a business or marketing leader, you can narrow your focus a little by reading examples of the type of writing you need to do, such as a successful proposal or a convincing report.
  • Consult experts. Look for books and articles written by leaders in their field, such as copywriter Robert Bly or advertising king David Ogilvy.
  • Take a class. There are plenty of business development courses that focus on the written word. Check out websites like SkillShare, search for courses and webinars from established writing experts, or look for in-person classes at a local community college.
  • Practice. This might be hard to do if you don’t even like writing, but it’s the best way to boost your skills! Set a timer for 10 minutes and see what you can do–even if you’re just journaling for yourself.
  • Become a better editor. Even if your first draft is garbage, good editing can help you refine your writing to create a polished final product.

Whether you only write a few emails a day, or are in charge of your company’s entire marketing plan, good writing is a valuable skill for business leaders. With a little expert insight and practice, you can improve your own writing and start reaping the benefits.

Can’t wait until your writing is better?

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