Don’t start editing (or writing) without doing this first

Writing well isn’t a hidden talent or magical gift.

Everyone can become a better writer—even if you hate to write!

Here’s the secret: It’s actually all about good editing.

Maybe you dream of writing a memoir or publishing a passionate letter to the editor. Maybe you just need to send an effective email or leave a product review.

No matter what, good editing will make your message shine.

So how do you edit your writing to get the job done well?

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Let’s talk about it, one step at a time.

And that first step to good editing and good writing is:

Know your purpose.

Before you start editing or even start writing your first draft, have a goal for your writing.

If you don’t know what you’re writing for, you won’t know how to edit it correctly.

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What is your primary message? What do you want to accomplish?

You could also ask:

  • Who is your audience? The way you edit an email to your boss will be different from the way you edit an email to your sister.
  • Where are you going to share your writing? Will it be a personal email to one person, or a review that might be seen by hundreds of people?
  • How will this email be used?

Whatever you’re writing, know your intentions and have a goal!

P.S.: I was going to say that the only exception to this rule is journaling, but even that isn’t true. People rarely journal with no reason. It might be to remember a significant event in your life, to reduce stress, or to help organize your thoughts to help you make a decision. But there is always a reason.

Need help with your writing needs?

That’s what I’m here for!

I help marketing teams find the right words for their content, so they can save time and communicate more effectively.

I also provide editing and proofreading services, to give you a fresh set of eyes and revive stale content, keeping your materials fresh and accurate.

And if you’re trying to create a fresh content plan, I can help you strategize and convey the right message to help you build your reputation and gain new leads.

Got a project in mind? Tell me about it and get a free quote!

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