3 Essential Content Marketing Resources You’ll Want to Check Out

Today’s blog post is a quick roundup of some helpful content marketing articles. Thanks to Google Alerts, I get a bunch of emails every day on the subject, and I’ve narrowed it down to 3 recent ones that I highly recommend.

Feel free to skim the summaries, or click the links in each description to get to the original, full source.

1. Why Nobody is Reading Your Company Blog (from Entrepreneur)

Publishing a company blog, only to get near-zero views, is discouraging. You might be tempted to give up on content marketing completely. But first, make sure you’re not making common blogging mistakes, like:

  • Imitating other blogs without putting your unique spin on things
  • Including too much self-promotion (being too “salesy”)
  • Poorly written blog posts
  • Failing to promote the posts you publish

If you’re doing any of the above, this article has tips on how to fix it.

2. 17 SEO Copywriting Tips To Help Your Rankings (from Search Engine Journal)

If you want to improve your SEO through [content and copywriting], this article has crucial information to help you get it right. Like other SEJ articles, it’s got some helpful background info like:

  • What is SEO copywriting?
  • How does SEO copywriting help your search engine rankings?
  • Where to go for more info on Google’s natural language processing technology

Most of all, the article includes actionable advice, like:

  • Make the quality of your content your #1 priority.
  • Research your most popular keywords, and be realistic about how well you can rank for them.
  • Understand what your website users are looking for, and create content that delivers.
  • Don’t be afraid of creating longer content.
  • Look for questions related to the main search query, and create content based on those.

The article breaks up its advice into sections for easy skimming—a good example for your own long-form content!

3. Old, Outdated Content Marketing Tactics We Wish Would Disappear (from Business 2 Community)

Consumer preferences, values, and technology change over time, and your content marketing strategy should evolve in response.

Unfortunately, a lot of organizations still use stale content marketing techniques instead of adapting more effective approaches. Are you guilty of any of these?

  • Writing content that is just an excuse for a sales pitch
  • Publishing superficial white papers with little original content
  • Creating webinars and podcasts just because you should, not because you have something to offer
  • Getting attention with clickbait rather than valuable information

If your content marketing strategy still uses these tactics, check out the article for tips on how to get out of the rut!

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