News Roundup: Tips to Guide Your Marketing Post-COVID

Now that your company has been thrown into confusion and chaos amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the government and private responses to it, it’s time to figure out what to do next! As economies begin to reopen after several months of lockdown, companies must once again rethink their marketing.

Here’s a news roundup of a few of the most interesting stories on how to adjust your marketing strategy in a post-COVID world.

interactive content is king

Interactive, Engaging Content is King

In a world saturated with content, points out that companies will have to differentiate themselves by providing more engaging, interactive content as part of their strategy. This may include quizzes, polls, games, useful tools, and interactive visuals. Part of their assertions are based on a SnapApp study, which found that 91 percent of consumers want more interactive content.

Three Executives Share Insights for Healthcare Marketing in a Pandemic

In a Becker’s Health IT article, CMOs from three hospitals across the nation described how they altered their marketing strategies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Two key priorities that emerged are customer engagement and patient education. Many hospitals aimed to offer guidance, resources, and reassurance to their concerned patients and communities.

You Need the Right Data for Marketing

The coronavirus pandemic and government responses have shown how rapid change is now a way of life. To make these quick decisions, marketing departments should be using the most important, useful data. Harvard Business Review recommends that marketing teams start creating a small set of the most essential data, treating available data on offline and online behaviors equally. Marketers should also use data to identify small, unexpected moments in the buying process that influence the purchase decisions. Meanwhile, make sure that the data being collected and analyzed actually inform revenue generation.

your marketing strategy needs to pinpoint the right data

Don’t Neglect Your SEO

Lockdowns and stay-at-home orders drove even more buying and marketing behaviors online, making SEO more important for improving online traffic. With that in mind, BOSS Magazine offers a rundown of SEO origins, and includes tips such as:

  • Remain user-friendly, including high-quality content that puts the readers first and the search engines second.
  • Use a responsive, mobile-friendly web design
  • Set specific goals for your SEO success, using tools like Google Analytics to help guide your decisions and track your progress

Need help creating SEO-friendly content?

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