Five things you need to build your email list

Email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective technique for engaging customers and increasing conversions. And the bigger your email list, the larger your potential impact.

So how do you get that email list to grow? Here are five things that can impact your success.

1. Easy sign-up

If you want someone to do something for you, make it as easy as possible. This means giving people multiple opportunities to sign up to your list.

  • Use pop-up opt-ins
  • Promote your email list with paid social media ads
  • Link to your email sign-up page in your email signatures

2. Something to offer

Most people won’t sign up to your email list just as a favor. Instead, you should offer something in exchange for their email address.

This may be in the form of exclusive content, like an ebook or case study. It may be a special offer, like a coupon code in exchange for their email address. Another option is to enter your email recipients into a giveaway.

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3. A warm welcome

You’re glad that people sign up to your email list, right? Let them know!

Automatically send a personalized welcome email as soon as someone signs up to your list. This should be warmer and friendlier than the standard “Please confirm your email address” stuff.

Don’t leave it at that either. Send your recipients a brief series of emails when they sign up. Space these out over days or even weeks. For example, ask how they liked the content they downloaded, or suggest complementary products to the one they just purchased.

4. Emails that are actually good

To get people to give you their email address, you need to offer something valuable. People also need something to keep them on your email list.

Make your emails worth sticking around for. Don’t send emails too frequently, or fill them with trivial, irrelevant content. Personalize as much as you can.

Solicit feedback on what your recipients most want from you. And watch data like open rates and click-through rates to see how people are responding to your emails.

Plus, great emails are more likely to be forwarded. That means more people exposed to your content who may go on to sign up for the list themselves.

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5. Patience

An email list can take some time to get up and running, so don’t expect overnight results. Good things—like robust email lists—come to those who wait. Just make sure you’re waiting with a purpose.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Try classic A/B testing and see what results you get. Experiment with different, compelling subject lines. Send emails at different times of day. Over time, you’ll find that some details work better than others.

If you’re well-stocked with these five things, you’ll be well on your way to a long, successful email list!

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