Five Content Marketing Ideas to Keep Your Momentum in 2022

Let’s be honest: New Year resolutions are easy to make and hard to keep. Many resolutions fail before the end of the first month!

(Don’t believe me? Count how many people are at the gym at 8am on Monday, January 3, and then count them again at 8am on Monday, January 24.)

But when it comes to your organization and your career, you can’t afford NOT to keep your resolutions.

keep your new year 2020 marketing on track with these content marketing tips

If you’ve resolved to take a new approach to your 2022 marketing, these content marketing ideas may help keep you on track:

1. Use a quiz or assessment. This could be a lead generation tool for new website visitors to introduce potential customers to your products or services and help start a conversation. Or, you could send a survey to existing customers to get helpful feedback.

2. Client, customer, or patient testimonials can help you leverage the power of reviews to increase confidence in your services.

3. Perform an audit of your existing website and audit to make sure all your current content is still accurate and relevant, and that your website pages are still functional, with no broken links.

4. Partner with complementary organizations, such as a local non-profit, government agency, or community group, to raise awareness of issues related to your company.

5. Look for gaps to fill with unique content. Instead of providing generic information that your audience could find in a dozen other places, look for content gaps that you can fill with your unique knowledge and experience.

What new techniques are you planning to try this year? What past successes are you looking to replicate? Feel free to share!

Need help with your 2022 content strategy?

That’s what I’m here for!

I work with marketing teams and professionals to help them create well-researched, approachable content and copywriting that helps set the stage for higher traffic, leads, and conversions.

I also provide editing/proofreading services to give you a fresh set of eyes to help you revive your existing materials.

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